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Mogoditshane, Kweneng District, Botswana

Offering Description

Do you love to invest part of your money in an investment that will give you a good return?  But you still felt this was not enough for you; something was missing?

Missing because there had to be more to it than only making a return. Because let's face it, you can put your money and take your chances in the stock market or leave it laying in a deposit account.

Instead, you want your investment to do more and make a difference that has Impact. Further, you know that spreading your risk increases the chance of growing your wealth. You've looked at the real estate ventures that the elite enjoys and how they have built their wealth. You would like to do the same and have the opportunity to participate in a similar venture without the vast sums of funds typically required.

That was not possible until now. With a minimum investment requirement starting at the equivalent of USD 1000 we can attract vast numbers of people making Mogodishane in Botswana the centre of the world. You can participate in an investment offering together with like-minded investors that are looking for more than just a good return. Investors that care what their money does while they grow their wealth, by investing in Rerotlhe Haven an affordable housing project offering in a transparent and trustworthy way.

For those of you living in highly developed countries, finding good and accessible investments is more important than ever.  Global interest rates are at their lowest, and your savings are barely offering you any return anymore. Africa is a continent of many opportunities. It has some of the fastest growing economies in the world, and it has a very young population wanting to create a future.

This offering is the first property crowdfunding offer in Botswana and provides an opportunity to participate in an Affordable housing project:

  • Funding need: 5.376.817 BWP (Botswana Pula) equivalent to +/- 523.000 USD
  • Return: 12% per annum
  • Term: 1 years
  • Payment: After one year (at sale of properties)
  • Collateral: Property is collateral
  • Hedging: Currency is not hedged

The plan contains 17 units of Affordable Housing. 13 units are for sale which are all sold off-plan. The remaining four units are used for rent. This location has a huge need for Affordable housing.

The project will consist of housing units with two bedrooms with a floor space of 60m2 with one bathroom, a kitchen and living room. The units are grouped in blocks of two attached units. The plan included a 480 sqm common play area and 17 parking bays. One for each unit.

The Project land comprises of 3685 m2 held under the Moalusi family. The Project area is situated at Plot 11876 Mogoditshane on the edge of Gaborone in Botswana and accessed via Molepolole road. The areas adjacent to the land haves been used predominantly for its proximity to a primary school, supermarkets, filling station, food outlets and many other commercial activities as well as easy access to public transport.

Investment Risk Matrix

The risk matrix provides a quick and overall overview of the main risks in the project. The following elements are scored in conservative, moderate and aggressive:

  • Macro considerations
  • Management
  • Business risk
  • Financial risk

Please be sure to read the information memorandum for a complete overview.


For more information, please have a look at the Updates and the Questions and Answers.

Financial Summary

Description Amount
Preliminaries and Generals 50.000
Two Unit Block 1.884.092
Three Unit Block 2.131.224
External works 457.284
Provisional Sums 395.000
Fees 443.067
VAT 12% 55.540
Total Contract Sum 5.376.817

Realty Africa Impact Index

Building Africa with Impact. By investing in affordable housing, green buildings, and sustainable land management, investors can generate positive, physical change in communities that need help. The purpose Real Asset Impact Investments is to improve the probability and pace of solving social problems and create measurable social impact with Real Assets as collateral and an attractive return on investment as well.

Providing impact investment in affordable housing and green housing projects in Sub- Saharan Africa means:

  • Local Economic growth
  • A Financial Asset that can be traded and used as security for a loan
  • A Social Asset that improves local communities
  • An Economic Asset that can be utilized for income generation
  • Job creation
  • Leads to Sustainable Human Settlements

Projects on the Platform are Small Containable projects that help communities fast; project by project. As shown by the Realty Africa Impact Index, impact investment is all about having an impact on:

  • People
  • Communities
  • Improving sustainability

While generating a financial return at the same time. Impact investment is not philanthropy. The impact investment index shows social impact in this offering and how this impacts people, how sustainable the project is and in what way the community will be affected. This project is an affordable housing project.


Management Team

Enoch Moalusi

Enoch Moalusi


Enoch Moalusi is an Entrepreneur in Building Construction Industry with 25 years Experience. He is the Managing Director of Alpha Plus (Pty) Ltd a specialist construction company that offers tailor made solutions to the Corporate Sector in Botswana. Their list of customers includes Botswana Post, Botswana Power Corporation, BOMAID, MRI, Motovac, MRI. He is a holder of City & Guilds Diploma in Building & Civil Engineering.

P 526,710.11

Raised Of P 5,376,817.00 Goal

Days 05
Hours 04
Mins 45
P 526,710.11
Debt Offer. Structure
12% Ann. return
1 Year Term
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