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Signing up is easy and membership is for free. You can sign-up as an Investor or a Developer. This will give you access to the opportunities on the platform. Developers can post their projects and Investors will get access to a full range of property investments in many African countries. All Investments have gone through a thorough Due Diligence Process supported by our service provider Deloitte, to ensure you invest in the best projects that are available. And the beauty is that you can invest as much as you like to and as little as you can afford. All projects have a minimum investment requirement which is very accessible.

2. Become Accredited and Select an Investment

Members can view all the Investments Opportunities that are available and get insight into all the detailed information. Whether it is residential, commercial, tourist resorts or large scale infrastructure developments the choice is yours. Before you can make an investment, you have to become accredited. By law we are required to verify your identity. You can provide the information online in an easy and secure way that ensures your privacy and that you data is kept safe. After that, you can finally have access to exciting Investments that were traditionally only available to the professional Africa Investors. Also Developers have to become accredited. Once accredited your opportunities for funding your new projects are endless.

3. Complete your Investment and Wire your Funds

When you are interested in an Investment, you can complete the whole Investment process online. You choose the amount you want to pledge and digitally sign the legal documentation. Before the Investment is complete you have to wire your chosen amount to the Escrow Account of Realty Africa. Once the opportunity is fully funded and only when it is fully funded, the project will start. Otherwise the money is returned to your bank account at the end of the period that the investment is available. Realty Africa has Escrow accounts in many different currencies which allows you to sent your investment in your own currency. Only at the start of the project, your funds are converted into the currency of the project. If you are a developer, the platform offers the same convenience. The whole project application can be done by uploading all the required documents on to the platform.

4. Monitor Your Investments and Create a Portfolio

You can monitor your Investment Portfolio online. The platform shows the value of your investments in your own preferred currency and many other statistics. Your dashboard offers quick and easy access to everything you want to know. Developers will offer regular updates on the projects to keep the Investors updated on the progress. The team of Realty Africa will also provide regular feedback via your login and email and will keep you updated with the latest developments.

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