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Maybe you are an investor, and you are looking for a better return than your savings account or other traditional investments? Perhaps you want your money to make a difference and have a visible impact instead of investing in a large anonymous fund? Investors from anywhere around the globe can finally have access to Impact Investment opportunities on the African continent. From the villager to the banker. You can all invest in Real Asset Impact Investments (often Real Estate) developments that offer good returns and have a visible impact on the local communities. All investments are properly vetted and are managed by a trust that holds collateral as security. Membership is free.

Institutional Investors can go Professional and Institutional Investors to ask for more information.

Fully Online Process

The entire process is online for your convenience. You can access the platform anytime and anywhere from any device. The platform supports everything that is necessary to offer a secure as well as a transparent investment opportunity. All the documentation like the prospectus or legal documentation is available on the platform.  Also, we are legally required to verify the identity of our investors. Therefore, we have to ask you to identify yourself with documentation like a copy of your passport.

Fully-Vetted Deals

We challenge ourselves in finding the best Real Asset Impact developments for our investors. These developments will be thoroughly vetted before we can offer them to you. This vetting is not only performed by the team of Realty Africa. We found a very respectable third party to offer support in scrutinizing every project. Deloitte is our service provider and we are a proud customer of their services. Please visit Due Diligence for more information on the Due Diligence process.

Trust, Transparency and Security

We believe that offering a good investment opportunity has all to do with Trust, Transparency, and Security. We spend a lot of time and effort in creating the Realty Africa ECO-System to achieve this goal. Besides Pre-Vetted deals, we wanted to do more. We, therefore, protect our investors via a trust and make sure that you have direct recourse to the assets that you are investing in. Furthermore, we use accounts with FNB Bank in Botswana to protect the investor funds. However, we thought that this was not enough. Every time, before we make payment, we sent our surveyors to the building site, to make sure that the previous deposit was well spent.

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