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What is an equity investment?

The investor receives an unlisted amount of shares in a property development usually at an early stage in exchange for enjoying the profits pledged at a later stage. These shares are unlisted and therefore, it is not possible to sell the shares to fellow investors. See Investor Risks for more information on the risks involved in investing on the platform of Realty Africa.

How can I become an investor on Realty Africa?

Is there a due diligence performed on the property developer and project?

What will my return be if I invest and get an equity stake in a project?

How secure are my investments?

How long will my investment be tied up for?

Who will communicate how my investment is proceeding?

What is the minimum investment?

What happens if a property developer does not raise the funding in the required three months or Six months time?

Can I pull my funds out of a project half way?

Is the website of Realty Africa secure?

What different types of property investment can I invest in on the platform?

What fee if any will there be?

What is an investor network?

What are the benefits of joining an investor network?

How many investor networks can I join?

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What is property crowdfunding?

In general, it?s a way of funding a property development project by raising capital through a large number of individuals, via an online platform in exchange for an equity stake. This exchange between investors and the property developers by bringing them together is done on what is called a platform. Realty Africa is the platform.

What advantage does property crowdfunding have for me?