Who is it for - The Property Developer

Property Developers in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are currently operational in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A New way of raising capital

Perhaps you have a fully developed project and you only need funding to realize your dream? Maybe you have banks willing to support you, but you need investors to complete the budget? Or possibly the funding is not what you are interested in, but you are looking for international exposure?

Developers in Sub-Saharan Africa can now have direct access to international investors unknown in the history. Africa has a long tradition in coming together as a community and gathering funds for developments like universities or churches. We borrowed this same concept and took it to the next international level. It is called Property Crowdfunding.

International Investor Network

The first step is to register on the platform. Then when you get your project ready, you can showcase your development to an international investor community online. And the beauty is that all these investors can invest in your project. This way you can get access to a new funding channel which comes with additional benefits. No upfront collateral is needed like the banks are likely to require. However, the investors do require a direct recourse to your asset and they get the ownership of a mortgage bond for the duration of the investment in return for their support.

Build Investor Relations

Property Crowdfunding offers public access to a large group of International Investors. What better opportunity is there to build Investor Relations and create your own track record. When your project is successful, the Investors will know. They can start following You and the next time you have a project; they already know what you have to offer. The Whole World will know Who You Are and What You Can Do. Say Yes to new opportunities.

Branding and Marketing

The word Crowdfunding really does not cover it all. It is not only funding opportunities you get access to. It is much more than that. It offers a strong way to market yourself, your creativity and your skill for developing excellent projects. When you are consistent and develop several projects with good results, you will become a Brand. A Brand that investors Trust and they will know that their money is safe with you.

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